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Sander has been our guide several times over the last 5 years and he is a star. (3 x at the Snow Safety Center practical week in Klosters) and we hired Sander as a guide in 4 vallees where we have been off piste - tourskiing for a few days) All amazing. Next to having excellent terrain knowledge , he is a pleasant but serious teacher and taught our group a ton of things about mountain safety hazards. we'll definately be back


Together with my ski buddy Quirijn we had a wonderful day today. I met Sander this morning and then entered the Nendaz area. After first a pretty hard off piste, a nice off-piste piece immediately followed and we descended. Further on after a nice traverse there was even powder that we deliciously enjoyed! Furthermore, we completed the day with a nice long descent; deliciously "powdery" at the top and a little softer at the bottom. Not expecting it to be so beautiful in this time of year. Thank you Sander!


Until I went to Sander, skiing was mostly about survival. I hardly ever had lesson and mainly went touring. After arriving at the top it was always "ohh shit and now down"! After several lessons the last 5 years with Sander, I now look forward to the descents. Sander has taught me the basics well (on and off piste) and knows every year to find the balance between the amount of information I can process, get me out of my comfort zone without too much stress and also offer a nice day. I thought I would follow a course once, but the progress is so nice that I keep coming back. I know very few other teachers with so many technical and didactic skills.


We have been planning off piste and technique lessons with Sander for a number of years now. Sander is a very pleasant person to deal with. He has excellent skiing skills. Didactically he is very strong with a good mix of serious fun. On the slopes, he communicates via Bluetooth earphones in the helmet, which immediately improves your technique. He has a whole arsenal of exercises to make the skier better. He also lets you understand what you are doing. He also works with video to be able to evaluate afterwards. In short, a true ski pro who is more than worth booking!


Sander is TOP! Very nice guy, always joking, a complete ski pro. Our kids have been skiing with Sander for years in the 4 Vallées. He taught them great skiing technique on and off the piste, but he also taught them the right attitude to go out on the mountain. Safety first. If the weather or the conditions did not allow it to go off-piste then technique training was planed on the piste or the avalanche beacon search technique were trained. ... Sander has a fantastic arsenal of possibilities on the didactic level : teaching techniques (he possesses the highest ski diplomas), tools (pole position, etc.), snowtalk communication, video analysis, ... In addition, he has a huge experience. Certainly his off-piste terrain knowledge in the 4 Vallées is unique. I myself am visually impaired and I need a guide who will ski for me and give me directions about the position of other skiers. Last season I brought in Sander to guide me. One word: FANTASTIC Because he also has the SnowTalk communication system from Sena, I felt 100% safe at all times. Even on slopes like Chassoures, Gentianes, ... Sander even let me score powder next to the slopes. In addition, he succeeded in fine-tuning my skiing technique through small points of attention and correcting “historic” mistakes (+ 40 years on the slats). From now on the kids will occasionally have to miss Sander for a day because then daddy will go with him on the road.


My family and I have been on two skiing sessions with Sander this past season, and they were best days skiing we have had in a very long time in Nendaz. At first, Sander tested us to see for himself what we could do, and he then pushed us to achieve things we didn't think were possible. Since skiing with Sander, all I want to do when on the snow is free ride and explore off piste sections. I've learnt so many knew things about being on the mountain, regarding safety, technique and weather, which are invaluable as a skier who loves to go off piste. I know I speak for the rest of my family when I say that I can undoubtedly trust Sander with anything when on the mountain. In Nendaz we skied the rock garden, backside Mont Fort, Mont Gele front side, front side of Mont fort, stair way to heaven and lots of other places in the 4 Vallèes. If you want to have one of your best days skiing- JUST BOOK A DAY WITH SANDER! He's so friendly, helpful, giving expert advice and the day will be filled with lots of laughs.


In March 2017, Sander was one of our two trainers for the Snow Safety Module. It was a very intense week, we learned a lot, but because of Sander (and Joey de Jong our other trainer) the atmosphere was very relaxed and cozy. We were kept on are toes while skiing (what's that mountain range called? On which side would you ski this face?). Despite the circumstances, we have made lovely descents and at the end of the week we really had all the necessary knowledge for our theory exam. Not to mention coaching Sander (and Joey) during our peer search training (with the necessary humor)! All the tranceivers are back ... Sander and Joey thank you very much for the good training. To be continued...!


Thanks Sander for another amazing week skiing with you. We all enjoyed every moment, you always amaze by finding the best snow around! Onwards to the next big birthday and to the next time we are fortunate enough to get to spend a day with you in the 4 Valleys.


What an awesome week with Sander Kan!! Last couple a years we went off piste touring with you, but this week it was back to basics and we trained hard on the piste! Really good to be in touch with Sena snowtalk bluetooth intercom!! Like this Sander was able to communicate with me and give instruction while skiing. Thnx for all new technique and hopefully soon again!


We've had a fantastic week with Sander Kan, Top, and learned a lot again in the Off-piste!


Wonderful days we've had on the Stubai glacier. Besides a lot of fun we learned loads. By helping us with technical tips and tricks we immediatly felt the difference and noticed that it became easier. Keep up the good work, this was certainly not the last time.


A great week with Sander we experienced on the Stubai glacier. We were thought and guided in a relaxed atmosphere and at times with some relaxation during a short coffee break. But above all we skied very beautiful and varying slopes. Sander thereby showed himself except a patient and skilled technical ski coach also an excellent mountain guide, with a striking insight into the changing weather and skiing conditions. This led to a fine and every time sophisticated planning of the ski activities for the next day. He gave us detailed info concerning the hazards which were luring under the fresh blanket of snow still threatening to bite us! Therefore, we have great confidence and skied pretty steep (30+) deep-snow slopes. At the end of the week all six group members were able to conclude that in a very cozy, yet serious atmosphere remarkable progress had been made. The videos made by Sander helped us to analyse an improve our technique. To be continued!

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